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Theater moving targets: Oresteia
Di, 14. Mai. 19:30 Uhr
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When high-ranking military commander Agamemnon finds his people on the brink of an impending war, he makes a brutal decision to assure their chance to victory. But what he conceives as a prophecy from a higher power and therefore serving the greater good sends his family into a spiral of grief, hate and, ultimately, revenge.

Where Aeschylus‘ trilogy ORESTEIA focuses on the design of justice, Robert Icke’s adaptation provides room for the motives of the protagonists, creating a family portrait painted in all the colours of human feelings.

Robert Icke (*1986) is an award-winning British writer and director, working in theatre and on screen. His radically modernised adaptation of Aeschylus‘ ORESTEIA was first produced at the Almeida Theatre in the London West End in June 2015.

The ensemble moving targets was founded in 2017 by members of the Bonn University Shakespeare Company (BUSC) and the Bonn Players.
We produce mainly small scale productions and aim to put plays of contemporary (anglophone) dramatists on stage. Our productions of The Last of the Haussmans by Stephen Beresford and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis marked the first time ever these plays were performed in Germany. For Robert Icke’s Oresteia, the group received exclusive non-professional performance rights from the agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

[Content warning: violence, murder, infanticide, blood, depiction of wounds, references to suicide]
Autor / Komponist: Ayschylus/Robert Icke

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