Brotfabrik Theatersaal
Bonn University Shakespeare Company: Creation of a Witch
Do, 11. Jul. 20:00 Uhr
Noch nicht verfügbar.

Kreuzstraße 16
53225 Bonn
0228 43 36 80 70


You are about to witness the biggest spectacle of the year 2084! We have our cameras on the surface of Planet X to film the new settlement: Salem Colony.

But what is this, witches in the newfound colony? Or were the girls simply dancing? A community cries witch and fear rears its ugly head. A tribunal is installed, and people are condemned. Is the planet really turning inhabitants of Salem against the colony? Or are the motives simply greed, power, and love? It seems like the High Inquisitor Dark has her hands full with keeping the colony in line and productive. Good thing she and the planet’s Administrator are experienced in these matters and know to trust a certain Abigail and her friends to make out the traitors.

Don’t forget to tune in to the Great Space Show with Gary and Stella!

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